My project is the Winner of contest!

My project is the Winner of contest! 900 563 Piotr Kędziora




Check out my ‘first-time’ contest I won. The goal is to rebuild landing page of Australian based API for people catching each other for social sports. Here’s my profile >>

Website help/instructions overlay layer

Website help/instructions overlay layer 1600 1000 Piotr Kędziora

Responsive Grid System

Responsive Grid System 1044 474 Piotr Kędziora

RWD, responsive grid system, grid, website design

websites, 3d graphics

CSS-ONLY layouts

CSS-ONLY layouts 808 642 Piotr Kędziora

websites, 3d graphics

responsive design, websites

Responsive means…

Responsive means… 1024 417 Piotr Kędziora

responsive design, websites

Backgrounds, patterns

Backgrounds, patterns 626 626 Piotr Kędziora


Take a map

Take a map 677 358 Piotr Kędziora


Need color inspiration?

Need color inspiration? 1263 641 Piotr Kędziora


Animations … more animations

Animations … more animations 1261 750 Piotr Kędziora