Hey! Keep calm, stay back, let me do this.

wordpress customs / plugins & themes
e-commerce / dev & config & custom & implementation
html / css / jquery / php / sql

vector & raster & 3d
web & print & publish

SEO & performance optimalization
marketing strategies (new business, rebranding, new products, new targets)

YES,I like computers.

strony internetowe
Connecting website with social channels 720 720 Piotr Kędziora
Connecting website with social channels
My project is the Winner of Freelancer.com contest! 900 563 Piotr Kędziora
My project is the Winner of Freelancer.com contest!
open source, ecommerce, open source
Beatiful Open Source Projects 1000 800 Piotr Kędziora
Beatiful Open Source Projects
css style check on websites. strony internetowe
Ultimate colors & fonts checker 1062 209 Piotr Kędziora
Ultimate colors & fonts checker
htaccess tips and tricks
.htaccess tricks for better UX 900 200 Piotr Kędziora
.htaccess tricks for better UX
css guidelines for website developers
CSS Guidelines 1252 424 Piotr Kędziora
CSS Guidelines
css design tanie strony
CSS Design Awards 1251 673 Piotr Kędziora
CSS Design Awards
animated svg images
Animated SVG images 716 433 Piotr Kędziora
Animated SVG images
Website help/instructions overlay layer 1600 1000 Piotr Kędziora
Website help/instructions overlay layer
Free stock photos 1280 853 Piotr Kędziora
Free stock photos
content marketing, strony internetowe
Content Marketing Failures PL 1024 1024 Piotr Kędziora
Content Marketing Failures PL
RWD, responsive grid system, grid, website design
Responsive Grid System 1044 474 Piotr Kędziora
Responsive Grid System
darmowe zdjęcia, projektowanie www
Free photos stock 1334 686 Piotr Kędziora
Free photos stock
meta tag for social connections 3150 3107 Piotr Kędziora
meta tag for social connections
3d gpraphics, webdesign
LoremFlickr / default image placeholders 1182 402 Piotr Kędziora
LoremFlickr / default image placeholders
websites, 3d graphics
CSS-ONLY layouts 808 642 Piotr Kędziora
CSS-ONLY layouts
wordpress backend useful plugins
WordPress for your client? Make it easy! 725 370 Piotr Kędziora
WordPress for your client? Make it easy!
social media agency, amplification
Guidelines for best pictures ever 700 464 Piotr Kędziora
Guidelines for best pictures ever
strony internetowe poznań
website vs. funpage (PL) 542 301 Piotr Kędziora
website vs. funpage (PL)
how to check your website
Website Launch CHECKLIST 1800 1200 Piotr Kędziora
Website Launch CHECKLIST
responsive design, websites
Responsive means… 1024 417 Piotr Kędziora
Responsive means…
sklepy internetowe, strony internetowe
Woocommerce fixed… 720 480 Piotr Kędziora
Woocommerce fixed…
strony internetowe
Freelancer checklist 425 282 Piotr Kędziora
Freelancer checklist
color in Web design
color is important 2000 735 Piotr Kędziora
color is important
e commerce basics 1400 950 Piotr Kędziora
e commerce basics
svg image on website
SVG images 538 535 Piotr Kędziora
SVG images
sklepy internetowe, strony internetowe
Online shop with WooCommerce 720 480 Piotr Kędziora
Online shop with WooCommerce
strony internetowe, sklepy internetowe, wordpress, prestashop, woocommerce, ecommerce
Optimize your WordPress site 1600 1200 Piotr Kędziora
Optimize your WordPress site
Creating Infographics 535 287 Piotr Kędziora
Creating Infographics
website frontend design
Niice brings inspirations… 1661 907 Piotr Kędziora
Niice brings inspirations…
More free photos 3200 2129 Piotr Kędziora
More free photos
Facebook Essentials, Open Graph 300 300 Piotr Kędziora
Facebook Essentials, Open Graph
Best WordPress plugins 400 300 Piotr Kędziora
Best WordPress plugins
CSS miracles 207 204 Piotr Kędziora
CSS miracles
user interaction vs. user experience 615 450 Piotr Kędziora
user interaction vs. user experience
OnePage – how does it happened? 961 720 Piotr Kędziora
OnePage – how does it happened?
Backgrounds, patterns 626 626 Piotr Kędziora
Backgrounds, patterns
Take a map 677 358 Piotr Kędziora
Take a map
strony internetowe
CSS libraries 750 260 Piotr Kędziora
CSS libraries
Automatic Ctrl + F5 350 350 Piotr Kędziora
Automatic Ctrl + F5
Free Photos in Here! 491 642 Piotr Kędziora
Free Photos in Here!
Need color inspiration? 1263 641 Piotr Kędziora
Need color inspiration?
782 480 Piotr Kędziora
PS Extensions 600 318 Piotr Kędziora
PS Extensions
Ozzled resources 1219 813 Piotr Kędziora
Ozzled resources
Halftone 4 the People 842 480 Piotr Kędziora
Halftone 4 the People
Free WP themes 782 540 Piotr Kędziora
Free WP themes
Skill Cloud / horizontal & vertical skills 798 310 Piotr Kędziora
Skill Cloud / horizontal & vertical skills
Premium WP Templates 580 300 Piotr Kędziora
Premium WP Templates
JPEG & PNG Optimalization 942 663 Piotr Kędziora
JPEG & PNG Optimalization
Animations … more animations 1261 750 Piotr Kędziora
Animations … more animations
3D effects for the Planet Earth 593 415 Piotr Kędziora
3D effects for the Planet Earth
When U made it WRONG… 700 401 Piotr Kędziora
When U made it WRONG…
Some gaming lessons… 1680 1050 Piotr Kędziora
Some gaming lessons…
Landing Page 1366 768 Piotr Kędziora
Landing Page
WordPress Frameworks 3000 2400 Piotr Kędziora
WordPress Frameworks
WordPress tricks 800 450 Piotr Kędziora
WordPress tricks
WordPress automata 840 420 Piotr Kędziora
WordPress automata
Mobile menus 4 da’people 941 811 Piotr Kędziora
Mobile menus 4 da’people
Tiny top progress bar, isn’t it? 886 396 Piotr Kędziora
Tiny top progress bar, isn’t it?
What about 3d transformations? 2400 1200 Piotr Kędziora
What about 3d transformations?
Tips for banners 960 906 Piotr Kędziora
Tips for banners
5 zasady szybkiego wzrostu 786 305 Piotr Kędziora
5 zasady szybkiego wzrostu
Insane background images! 256 256 Piotr Kędziora
Insane background images!
Light Effects 570 356 Piotr Kędziora
Light Effects
A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolution • 1stwebdesigner 150 150 Piotr Kędziora
A Web Designer’s New Year’s Resolution • 1stwebdesigner
What is DOM?
What is DOM? 720 1280 Piotr Kędziora
always another way… 1079 542 Piotr Kędziora
always another way…
1 2 1 2 check check… Browserstack 1032 799 Piotr Kędziora
1 2 1 2 check check… Browserstack
JQuery sticker 1157 541 Piotr Kędziora
JQuery sticker
WP vs. J 150 150 Piotr Kędziora
WP vs. J
Marvel eesss 808 449 Piotr Kędziora
Marvel eesss
Social Media Style Sheets 606 509 Piotr Kędziora
Social Media Style Sheets
CSS Maniacs 726 547 Piotr Kędziora
CSS Maniacs
SEO needed… 150 150 Piotr Kędziora
SEO needed…
take your bootstrap 980 552 Piotr Kędziora
take your bootstrap
Daturi 606 659 Piotr Kędziora
Codrops libraries 200 200 Piotr Kędziora
Codrops libraries
Color Scheme Designer 3 984 641 Piotr Kędziora
Color Scheme Designer 3


I do websites & CI. I build strategies.

Only for you
my friend. Only today.




Nothing special
except +10 years
of successful projects.

More to come.

No more questions…

It looks like the beauty of my website is nothing compared to the beauty of shrimp, which is obviously more boring than octopus.